Tuesday, August 4

Office to Off-Hours: Chambray

Last week, I introduced the piece that started it all. A maxi. I wore a chambray shirt over it tied at the waist for some definition. It was a super easy outfit to wear out to a fun filled day in Montclair, NJ
(where we played this thing called an escape room, more on that later).

     As I was getting ready for work one day, I wanted to wear this simple black dress, but found it a bit too revealing (aka not enough coverage for our AC'd office). I found myself hesitant to pair the simple black dress with a white button down. As I held it in my hand, I thought, 'I'm going to look like a little Catholic Asian nun from the movie Sister Act who has lost her habit.' Not that I wouldn't mind being an extra on that set, because I freaking LOVE that movie, but it wasn't going to happen, and I've come to terms with that, sort of.

I'd like to note that I super love this photo. If you've met me in person, then you know how uncool I am. I am a HUGE dork so the fact that I look so suave, so cool, so legit is making me squeal like a little kid!

     So what was a girl to do? Well, I guess the photos give it away. I went with this chambray shirt again! It was a nice way to make the outfit a little different, by bringing in a different fabric and color to the ensemble.

     I loved the ensemble so much, I ended up photographing it before a dinner date with the manfriend! I chose a random little alley way in the town that looked so much cuter and romantic in photos. I'm not complaining though (;

     Anywho, I realized this chambray was a perfect staple for office wear AND off hours. It's versatile due to its classic shape and cut, but the texture and material lends a casual feel to any outfit. It literally is the embodiment of dressed up and dressed down at the same exact time. Mind. Blown.

     I love how I've found more uses for this purchase in the 5 years I've owned it. And to think, I originally bought this to wear to classes when a T-shirt just wasn't cutting it.

Office appropriate? 
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 

Black Dress  | No Name
Chambray Shirt | Zara (old)
Black Satin Heels | Caparros
Sunglasses | Kate Spade
Tan Belt | Thrifted
Pearl Necklace | DIY

Would you like to see more of the "Office to Off-Hours" series?

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  1. yes, these series are really interesting! love how you styled the shirt!

  2. I love how you wore chambray under your dress! Super cute! I did a similar chambray post on my blog.

    ❤ Blaze Ann

  3. You definitely look cool in these photos!! I really love the layered look and the dark lippy!

  4. Yes I would love to see more of your "Office to Off Hours" ! I really love both looks especially the office look! That would be a great outfit to wear for fall too!


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