Monday, August 31

Spotlight Series: Baubax Travel Jacket

The itsy bitsy teeny weeny carry-on just isn't enough space. I need to prioritize what I bring on a trip which usually means my clothes need to be versatile yet practical (and also extremely streamlined). So when I saw this Kickstarter, I knew I had to tell you guys about it. The Baubax jacket is perfect for the globe trotter, the mom, the busy commuter, or the everyday fashionista ;)

So why do I think it's awesome? See for yourself!

Let's start with what exactly can this jacket do for you.

This jacket has 14 more functions than the average jacket.

It comes in 4 different styles.

Which come in 4 different materials.

Each comes in multiple colors for each style and tall sizes too!

The best part is how versatile and practical this piece of clothing is without sacrificing style. And I'm not the only one who thinks that!

Some of the best points that I can't show is the inflatable neck pillow which inflates and deflates in 2 SECONDS, the detachable pillow and hood (great for the blazer), waterproof smartphone and tablet pockets, and built-in gloves. I don't know what else you could be left wanting, but I'm sure you'll get by somehow ;)

But don't wait too long on backing this project, it's ending soon (Sept 3) and that's when prices will go back up to retail price, $160-$200 (depending on style)!!!

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  1. I love this jacket!!! :)


  2. so many amazing functions!! i love it! :D

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