Tuesday, September 29

Subtle Drama

     People have their comfort zones. They have uniforms they reach for daily without a second thought.

     Mine tends to be a button down with a big circle skirt or pencil skirt. The uniform is always printed or colorful. My clumsiness and cheerful disposition never seem fit for dramatic styles with darker, sexy undertones (yes, I said sexy). I was always the 'cute' one.

     This dress is my first foray into 'sexy' and Altuzurra, a brand known for subtle sexiness, was the perfect place to start.

     It's not overtly anything. With a neckline lower than I'm used to and sheer long sleeves, it has a bit of edge while still being modest. It makes me feel sexy without compromising my comfort.

And that's the best, isn't it? :)

 ☒ Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

Wide Brim Hat | Nordstrom (similar with a beautiful berry color available!)
Clip Dot Maxi | Altuzurra for Target
Silver Heels | BCBG
Jewelry | Heirloom, Jules Smith
Serious clothes doesn't mean I still can't have my sunny disposition :)

Ever find a certain "style" hard to pull off?

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Tuesday, September 15

Sunshine Shift

     This dress is amazing. I can go out on dates and pig out on delicious food without having to loosen that belt. Cheers to romantic dinners free from the confines of waist-accentuating belts, high-waisted pencil skirts, and basically anything without stretch.

     And I wear yellow so much, you might as well call me Big Bird (reference). Can't stop myself from reaching for a yellow version of anything if it's available. Yellow's sunny and reminds me of the summer's warm sunshine as I freeze in the frigid arctic cave we call an office.

     I'd highly recommend the dress on color alone. But what I can't get over is the leg room it gives me for my wide strides and belly room for my food baby. On top of that, it's on sale with an additional 50% off in store/additional 40% off online. Hurry!

Office appropriate? ✓
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 

Floral Shift Dress  | Ann Taylor
Silver Pumps | BCBG
Cateye Sunglasses | Kate Spade
Earrings | Swarovski

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Tuesday, September 8

Fond of Florals

     A dress near and dear to my heart.

     A few years ago, my cousin and I were tasked with cleaning out the basement. We found boxes and boxes of clothing from when my family moved from Delaware. Never been opened since the 1980s. It was a glimpse into life in the 70s for my parents when they were new in this country.

     Among the bell bottoms, high cut heels, and power pant suits was this simple floral frock. Its bright colors shined brightly amongst the tans, browns, and dark reds. I snatched it out of the box and ran to my room. I slipped on this feathery light dress, and looked in the mirror. I fell in love.

     It might not be the most photogenic dress, nor the trendiest, but I treasure it more than my designer goods, because it's a constant reminder of my mother. Just as sunny and bright as she.

Office appropriate? ✓
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 

Floral Midi Dress  | Mom's
Gold Heels | Charlotte Olympia
Gold Belt | Asos
Jewelry | Heirloom, Handmade
Me being silly. 

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Tuesday, September 1

Boutique Houndstooth from 1861

     I love my online shopping haunts, but after awhile, nothing seems fresh. Since I'm always looking for new brands and stores (literally, I google "best shops online"), I stumbled upon a BuzzFeed article. It named a few brands I already knew (hi Eshakti!), but one of them peaked my interest. It featured vintage inspired clothing, with modern details.

     The brand? Boutique 1861! I have one major deal breaker: quality. So when I got my package, I held my breath. I hoped the clothing would live up to my standards. Not only did the clothing surpass my expectations, the team at Boutique 1861 really know how to value a customer. My clothing came in beautiful tissue paper of Victorian drawings, wrapped in a ribbon,with a personalized card on top. A girl feels real special shopping with Boutique 1861!

     The first dress (of a few. I couldn't help myself!) is this beautiful wool houndstooth shift. It's made of weighty fabric and has beautiful gold zippers down the sides. A welcome surprise was the knotted collar on the dress. I seriously love this dress and plan to wear it once a week, weather permitting!

Office appropriate? (with cardigan) 
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 
(heck yes! I can hide my food baby with this dress!!)

Houndstooth Shift  | Boutique 1861
Two-tone Sandals | Charles David
Sunglasses | Kate Spade
Jewelry | Heirlooms

Did you know about Boutique 1861 before this post?

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