Tuesday, August 11

Blogiversary Outfit: Year 1

When I saw this photo, I thought I looked like an old time-y starlet addressing the paparazzi:
"Please dahling, stop with the photos~"

When Outnet had its clearance sale a few weeks back, I saw this beautiful, vibrant blue maxi. I bought it as an easy piece to wear to work or out to dinner; nothing special. Boy, was I wrong!

     With a belt, this dress gave me a sultry, svelte figure. I look taller, thinner, and way more voluptuous than allowed. I'm still in shock as I look at these photos, thinking 'did I grow?' I look a solid 3 inches taller than I really am. I don't look 5'3", right?? (160 cm for international readers) I saw the photos and knew at once they would be the outfit I'd use to commemorate my one year anniversary. I want the confidence this dress gives me to be representative of the year to come! :)

     Recently, I read an article where the author wrote about $/wear. She grew up watching her mother use this method to purchase clothing.

     Keeping this in mind, I considered where I would wear this dress and how often. This dress is long and covers my shoulders so I can easily get away with it at work. The relaxed fit and vibrant color makes it great for after work shenanigans. I won't wear it everyday (to avoid stares), but I can easily wear this to as low as $4/wear!

Office appropriate? ✓✓
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 

Blue Maxi Dress  | T Bags Los Angeles (similar here)
Gold Heels | Charlotte Olympia
Sunglasses | Kate Spade
Jewelry | Shashi, Gorjana, Michael Kors
Ok, if you didn't notice, this last photo is with different shoes. After I went through the photos at night, I noticed I didn't capture how the dress caught the wind and rippled in the air like a blue ocean wave. So one day after work, I dragged the manfriend with me to take some more photos with whatever heels I had on hand!

Have you ever considered a method similar to $/wear?

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  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary ;)!! That blue is gorgeous and love your sunnies!


  2. OMG I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! You look AMAZING!! And so tall!!! Hahaha, this dress is absolutely stunning on you!

    Stopping by from he Pleated Poppy link-up!


  3. I love your blue maxi dress. So fab!

  4. You look amazing, love this dress!


  5. That dress is amazing and looks awesome on you, great find!!

  6. This stunning blue dress is really approved ;) You can also have a look for other nice maxi dresses online at www.gcgme.com
    xx Jess


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