Monday, November 17

In the Trenches Again

Jacket / W118 by Walter Baker
(Was $198, got it for $39. You can still buy it here)
Turtleneck / Thrifted
Belt / Thrifted
Jeans / William Rast (thrifted)
Clutch / Thrifted
Booties / Boutique in Shanghai
I am shameless. When I love something, I tend to abuse it.

That new favorite song of mine? Blasting on repeat all day.
That new favorite dish of mine? Eating it 3 meals a day, every day.
That new necklace I got? Wearing it with every outfit, even if it clashes.

That about sums up what's happening with this trench coat. Don't be surprised to see it in every post for this month...I'm shameless. Or have I found a new reason to shop? Diversify that coat closet..yes..

I can't wait for Thanksgiving (& all the sales it brings)! It's a fun time for me to relax, reconnect with old friends, and bake something for the annual dinner with family friends. I usually do a Japanese inspired pineapple cheesecake. It's light in flavor and sweetness, and tastes like pineapple cake/鳳梨酥!

What do you look forward to the most this Thanksgiving holiday? :)

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Monday, November 10

Camels + Jeans

Jacket / W118 by Walter Baker
(Was $198, got it for $39!!!)
Chambray / Zara
Waffle Sweater / J.Crew
Necklace / Thrifted
Scarf / Thrifted
Jeans / Uniqlo
Suede Boots / Steve Madden
It's turning ridiculously cold so I finally got the chance to use this trench I bought a year ago!
(Thank you, Outnet Clearance Gods <3)

I have this tendency to keep an outfit neutral, but adding a pop of color via scarf/lip color. This outfit is no different. I love how complimentary the jean and camel tones were, but had to add a bit of color chaos with this bright pink lip from Sephora!

What's funny is, since starting this blog, yes, I have definitely started spending more. But a lot of the pieces seen on this blog are old. This waffle crewneck sweater from J.Crew is from easily 3 years ago. That chambray top is from Zara more than 5 years ago. Those boots? Easily 6 (although, I had to get them resoled so they weren't completely dead). Did you guys find yourself spending more in the beginning because of the blog? Do you still do?

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Monday, November 3

Love once more the memories

Duster Jacket / Asos
T-shirt / Bought in Taiwan
Bag / Bought in Shanghai
Boots / Asian boutique

I try my best to reuse old pieces of clothing without buying something new. Like the long T-shirt dress, I bought a few years ago while visiting family in Taiwan. It's from a little stand in Taiwan's famous ShiLin night market. What's funny is this T-shirt purchase was unintended! I go to the night markets for the food. I eat less at dinner just to save room for all the little food stands available at Taiwan's night markets. The stinky tofu (my favorite!), the yakitako (japanese food, but so good from the little stands), and bubble tea with so many variations!

But I diverge from food..this is a fashion post, of course. (but I am so hungry now..)
I love this duster jacket. It is long; it is cozy; it is stripey. I bought it imagining I'd wear it as a cardigan like in this post, a wrap dress, a billowy top, and a belted jacket. I think the flowy lapels of the jacket and the sheer amount of cloth it has gives me ample room to toy with. I'll have to style them all four ways soon so you don't think I'm bluffing!

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