Wednesday, July 29

Blue Me Away

Two weeks ago, I wrote of my fashion "a-ha" moment when I thrifted a J. Crew maxi skirt from "Second Time Around". I remember it was ugly. It was ill fitting. It was this exact skirt.

     I wanted to show you the exact piece that got me hooked on thrifting. Nope, it's not some beautiful Dior silk top I happened across for $1.99. It's not sartorially relevant or unique. It's a simple maxi skirt (before they were even popular)!

     Back in 2008, I pulled up this maxi skirt into a one piece dress and paired it with a tan belt at the smallest point of my waist. It made me feel good about myself, and best of all, it fit my lazy college girl routine. Just pull up, belt, and go! 8AM classes? No problem for this chick ;)

     I'm surprised it's survived my closet purges these past few years. I guess I'm the sentimental type, plus I seem to always find a new way to wear it every few years. This addition of the chambray top tied around the waist plays into the 90s revival. Yes, I updated this outfit by dating it back an additional 10 years. Haha.

Office appropriate? 
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 

Chambray Top  | Zara
Floral Dress | Thrifted (worn as skirt)
Two-tone Heeled Sandals | Charles David
Sunglasses | Kate Spade
Arm Party | Heirloom, Handmade

What's survived your recent closet purge?

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  1. Adorable shoes! I am definitely the sentimental type with my clothes too - which is probably why I have no more room left in my closet. Hope your week is treating you well so far!


  2. You look beautiful!


  3. Wow! Beautiful post my dear!!! This is my new posts: Welcome,dear! )

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  5. I love this outfit. It's so pretty. I especially love the skirt of that floral dress you are wearing, such a good idea.

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