Tuesday, July 14

Dots on Dots

I didn't like prints in college. I thought they made me look wider, shorter, and fatter. Luckily, around the same time, I started thrifting. One day, I came across a maxi skirt from J. Crew on a sales rack in "Second Time Around," a popular thrift store chain in Boston. I didn't like how it looked on me as a skirt, but the waist elastic was loose, and I pulled it up to be a one piece dress. I loved it. It's not sartorially smart or savvy, but I was so proud of myself, and even more important, I started to envision myself in prints!

     After many trial and errors at basically all the thrift stores in Boston, I found what prints I liked and what prints didn't work for me.

     Since then, I've gone through "phases" in my print loving, from all things striped where I was one step away from being a candy striper to polka dotted everything making my clsoet look like the obliteration room.

     These days, I have a more balanced closet. And although I don't own many colors (for some odd reason), I love each piece I own including two of my thrifted treasures: this beautiful grey, high collar button up and pink wool pencil skirt decked out in mini black hearts.

Office appropriate? 
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 

Polka dot top | thrifted Club Monaco (similar red version)
Heart woven knit skirt | thrifted
Two-tone pumps | Schutz
(leopard version here)
Leather handbag | Coach (gift)
Mother of Pearl watch | Roven Dino
Rings | Vatican vendor, Marc Jacobs
Trying so hard not to burst out into laughter that I made a chipmunk face!
A beautiful silver band with a tiny cross that I bought outside the Vatican during my trip to Rome and one of my favorite Marc Jacobs rings. It says "veritas inlustrat" which, in this case, means truth enlightens.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

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  1. Love how you mixed patterns here! That skirt is fab!!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. Love your pattern mixing! & I loved hearing about your thrifted treasures :) Happy Wednesday!


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