Tuesday, July 21

Golden Girl

Gorgeous detailing by the ever creative namesake, Charlotte Olympia.
The delicate beading on this vintage bag had me swooning.

A few weeks earlier, I had the pleasure of attending someone's wedding. It was a beautiful afternoon filled with good food, good people, and a ton of love. It also signaled the beginning of wedding season for me! That means recycling/restyling work outfits for weddings and vice versa.

     This dress was purchased for a wedding, but is easily made office appropriate, which made it a winner in my book. It's past the knee, not low cut, and has thick dress straps. If your office is conservative or runs the AC, throw a cropped sweater or cardigan on.

     And the color of this dress is more than fitting for me. My family name is yellow in Mandarin and it has influenced my fashion choices from the beginning. I love any shade of yellow more than a bright green or navy blue. It's the color of sunflowers, the happiest flower on earth. And I've loved yellow (gold) jewelry more than silver.

     Speaking of gold hardware, I am absolutely in love with my new Charlotte Olympia shoes. They are my first "big girl" purchase. They're not practical, but these things never are!

Office appropriate? 
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 

Yellow Pencil Dress  | Asos
Gold Heeled Sandals | Charlotte Olympia
Sunglasses | Kate Spade
Beaded Clutch | Vintage clutch (borrowed)
Arm Party | Heirloom, Shashi
Rings | Gorjana, Michael Kors
The top of these sandals have a metal bow like those you put on gifts and the shoes are called 'Surprise'. I kid you not. I can't help but love the little details that make Charlotte Olympia shoes so quirky and unique.

Are you prepared for wedding season?

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  1. This entire outfit looks stunning on you!

  2. Tell me about shoes not being practical, hehe. Very beautiful sunshine yellow dress. Yes, it looks like a great versatile piece. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  3. This dress was clearly made for you! It fits you to a T and the bright color is lovely on you! How cool that your name means yellow in Mandarin. My name meansOstrich in German. :\

  4. Stunning dress, I love yellow but don't wear it often enough.

  5. That dress look perfect on you! I love how versatile your yellow dress is! You can wear to a wedding, going out with friends, or going to wear. I also love the color because it is bright and eye catching. You also styled the dress so well especially with the gold heels!

  6. Such a gorgeous dress! It fits you like a glove! And that bag and shoes are fab too!

  7. LOVE the dress... I've had my eye on it too... but it looks amazing on you with your sark hair and red lip.
    Heather Wyancko

  8. LOVE this dress, so pretty!

  9. Fun shoot!
    KISSES! Visit my blog:

  10. Gorgeous, elegant dress! The shoes are a perfect match.

  11. This dress is stunning. I love the yellow on you, it's so cheerful and so flattering.

    Diary of Elegance


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