Monday, January 12

Winter Pastels

Sweater Dress| Juicy Couture (worn as top)
Gold Dress | Boutique in Shanghai (worn as skirt)
Pearl Necklace | DIY (found here)
Engraved Gold Bangle | Family heirloom
Cashmere scarf | Burberry (gifted)
Silver Heels | BCBG
I couldn't stop laughing when I saw these photos. It looks like I'm some crazy lady obsessed with trash cans!

I was thinking about retaking them, but then all the shivering, shuddering and near death calls would have been for nothing! So I decided to show you the photos (where it's not obvious I'm on the verge of frost bite hahah).

I always contemplate a buy for a week (or a month sometimes!) A good 50% of the time, I experience hypothetical buyer's remorse and decide against the purchase. Luckily for you, I didn't feel that way about this warm sweater, mostly because it keeps the heat in and cold out. Since it was a sweater dress, I was able to keep my bum warm too. Unfortunately, bare legs tends to make you feel ridiculously cold so I still ended up freezing.

The reason I bring up my shopping habits is because one of my prerequisites for buying anything is to imagine 3-5 outfits with the potential purchase using only items from my closet. That's exactly what I did so if you want to see how I styled this sweater dress 3 ways, check it out here!
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  1. I'm totally LOLing about the trashcans. That always happens to me. I'm still trying to figure out how you wore two dresses. Where did everything go??>

    1. Hahaha, um I don't even know how to explain how I did it. I feel like I need illustrations loll

  2. Your winter pastels are beautiful. I love that you wore that scarf as a poncho. =)

  3. These pastels are so pretty and love that they are more unexpected during the winter! Great look on you!!

  4. Just looking at these photos with your bare legs is making me shiver! I love the muted color skirt and those amazing metallic heels!! I always like to imagine a few ways I can wear a piece before I buy it too!

  5. All I can think of now is trash cans :-). I never realised just how many ways clothes can be worn but then as a guy we aren't really allowed to experiment like this. The different looks you get are really good. Though I can compete with the bare legs in the snow.

    I play tennis through all weathers and I have played in snow (after clearing the court) in shorts. It is really cold until you warm up, though my legs will never look as good as yours :-)


  6. Hahah just when you started writing about the garbage can pics I was thinking damn this girl's toes must be freezing! Taking outfit photos in the winter always presents an extra challenge but these turned out beautifully (I love the lighting)!

  7. I didn't notice the garbage cans but your bare legs! So brave for the sake of your readers :) I love all the ways you've remixed this sweater dress.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  8. What a cute outfit! I love the skirt and sweater! Where the heck are your tights girl??!! :)


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