Tuesday, January 27

LACMA Urban Lights

So much for #snowpocalypse2015!

2 feet turned into 7 inches (sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland).


On a side note, I did not get a snow day as expected. I was so peeved this morning. I drove to work, and the only company I had during my commute were a few snow plowers! This is what makes me upset sometimes. The company I work for has an old fashioned mentality that incurred costs trump your quality of life. Sure, on paper they have decent benefits, but what's the point if the company calls in all its employees to work on a day where streets have not been cleared cleanly, and it's still snowing! I wasn't even able to shovel my driveway before going to work so when I get home, the snow will have compacted and turned into hair ice :\

Anyway, like I said yesterday, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I'm not sure if it's strep? Has anyone ever had it? Whenever I swallow, it feels like something is blocking my throat. If it persists, I'll have to take a day off and go to the doctor :X

Onto the post: I pulled up some photos from my trip to LA that I never got around to posting. This is one of my favorite dresses. For a retailer known for fast fashion, this dress was made impeccably. The details such as the pleating in the dress, the matching belt, and the hidden pockets just screamed 'Yvonne!'. I stalked it for months on Asos, because I couldn't pull the trigger with its hefty price tag. I waited, saw it go out of stock then come back in stock. My heart dropped multiple times over the span of a few weeks each time the dress went out of stock. Finally, the dress came back while a coupon code was available. It was a size too small, but I didn't care. I would find a way to fit, and I did! How are you guys? Did you get a snow day??

Dress | Asos
Silver Heels | BCBG
Necklace | Family heirloom

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  1. Wow this photos are absolutely STUNNING! I love your vintage glam next to the gorgeous light posts! Beautiful!

    Ginger Side of Life

  2. Breathtaking photographs, what a fabulous backdrop! And you look incredible in that dress. This is like out of Vogue!! I am blown away x

  3. That dress is stunning! Love the pictures


  4. Beautiful dress and backdrop! Hope you feel better! (:
    x Tanaka
    Swankxtar Style Blog

  5. Holy crap!! Wow wow wow! Gorgeous girl, gorgeous dress, gorgeous backdrop! The lights are so magical!!
    The lack of snowfall was such a let down! I hope you don't have strep! You should definitely go to the doctor! Feel better!
    Sincerely, Sara

  6. Love love this dress. Perfect dress with perfect backdrop. Love it!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  7. Love this dress on you & these pics are just stunning! What a beautiful venue. Hope you feel better.

  8. That dress is gorgeous and looks stunning on you. WOW!!

  9. That dress looks beautiful on you, and your backdrop is gorgeous!! Great photos! I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well tho. I've had strep and it feels like you are swallowing sandpaper and razorblades. I hope that's not what you have.

  10. Sorry you are not feeling well. I love the dress, very vintage style, the print is gorgeous on you, as is the place for your pictures.
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

  11. WOW! What beautiful pictures, and such a beautiful dress! I just came from the What I Wore Link Up. You should come link up over at my style & beauty link up! The Style Files Link-Up

  12. Beautiful dress! It fits you to perfection. I love the silver pump with it.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  13. Gorgeous photos, Yvonne! Your dress is so lovely and looks perfect on you. So sorry to read about your non-snow day. :(

  14. argg im sorry you had to go into work- id be grumbling the whole time while shoveling my driveway haha. Companies like that really stink, but at least the storm wasn't as bad as anticipated! Also, you look like a total dream in that dress. Love, love, love the classic shape of it.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  15. Hi there Yvonne, I am doing a roundup of some of my favourite vintage inspired looks from the past few months, please may I use one of these pics on my blog?

    Kind regards,
    Porcelina x


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