Wednesday, February 24

Warm Winter Weather

Trying to be super cool and not really pulling it out haha

Halter Ribbed Top | Asos
Black Ripped Flare Jeans | Asos
Gold Belt | Asos
Silver Pumps | BCBG
Reflective Sunglasses | Hawkers
Amor Needle Bag The Loeil

    Ok, so this is a bit different from my normal outfits. And I won't lie, it's not my most comfortable, but I promised more pant outfits so I will keep my word. I've always seen these type of outfits on Instagram, and they just ooze West Coast's chill yet cool vibes. I'm chill. I'm cool. I can do this!

     I didn't do it as well as I wanted. It's trial and error with fashion. You find things you super love and you find things that you can appreciate but are not your personal taste. This is one of the latter. I love the combo on others, but personally not a HUGE fan.

      The one thing you can be sure of though is this isn't the last you've seen of pants or this halter top! I'm going to keep trying until I find what works best for me.

      And seriously, I think that takeaway is better than any outfit photo I could possibly shoot :)

   Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

I spy with my little eye someone behind me!
Staying true to my roots with this peace sign next to my face!!!

What'd you do with all this warm weather?

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