Tuesday, August 19

Real elegance is in the mind

Real elegance is in the mind. It isn't determined by how much you spend, or how new your clothes are.
It is the way a person views themselves, and how they carry themselves on a daily basis.

Floral cloth corset / Stradivarius
Pink skirt / Vintage
Silver pumps / BCBG Paris (find it here)
Earrings / Kate Spade (similar here)

Clothing doesn't change a person, but can change how they view themselves. Old trends become new when a designer views it in a new way. People change their views of others when they change the way they dress. It can make some women feel sexy with the right LBD while others feel they can conquer the world with a pair of heels.

The power of clothing is amazing, and I am in awe of it each and every day.

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