Cocoa on your Coco?
Pizza on your Issa?
Merlot on your Bruno?
Coffee on your Duffy?

Yeah, this girl too.

Yvonne compiles snippets of her Jersey life over at Dear Sunny Vintage. She toyed with idea of starting Dear Sunny for a few years, and only recently found the courage to put her dreams on (virtual) paper. She started with the occasional fashion post, then an outfit post. As she gathered her thoughts into posts, she forayed into baking cupcakes and creating DIYs. Since then, Yvonne shares her daily outfits and the inspirations behind them. She tries out new recipes, especially of the chocolate variety, but promises to only post the successes. She also recreates the latest trends, coveted accessories, and her newest obsessions in meticulously crafted DIYs at a fraction of the cost.

Dear Sunny is a virtual refuge for Yvonne’s creative side that has no room in the corporate world. She continues to find inspiration in everyday life by connecting with those who share the same loves as herself.​ This blog is the intentional meshing of her two biggest loves: fashion and food. Unlike the (daily) unintentional coffee spills on her white blouse/pants/dress/scarf/you-name-it, this is a deliberate smattering of sugary baked confections, meticulously crafted DIYs, and a carefully curated closet.

Now if only coffee splattered pants were a trend...

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