Monday, August 21

Pont Alexandre III Bridge | Mint Green Scalloped Skirt

I spent a lot of time and hair spray braiding my hair in the morning to look all pretty walking around Paris.
Paris had other plans for my hair aka the above photo.

Lace Top | Asos
Mint Green Scalloped Skirt | Asos
Jaden Cage Heels | Schutz (available here & here)
Jewelry | Jules Smith
Cat Eye Sunglasses | Kate Spade

     I checked weather daily before leaving for Paris. Every webiste said it would be mid to high 70s, and I was so excited for spring flowers, flowy sundresses, and sleeveless tops. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to hibernate a little longer so I had to lug this Moncler jacket to Paris with me....but it didn't stop me from enjoying my dream spring vacation in Paris (aka bring short skirts and sleeveless tops anyway hahah)!!

     This bridge is gorgeous. The details. The gold enamel. The panoramic scenic view. It was everything I had dreamed of and more. Y'know how you dream of something so much that you blow it out of proportion and when you finally see it, it doesn't wow you? Well, this was the exact opposite!

    I think no matter how much I looked around or how long I stayed, my heart would skip a beat each time I found a beautiful street, ate a perfectly baked croissant, or admired a meticulously curated garden.

   Also, I looked totally crazy in a sleeveless shirt and mini skirt, but who cares, right? I kept thinking "I'm in Paris, baby!!! Live it up or regret it later."

   Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

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