Friday, August 18

Spring Picnic Outfit at the Eiffel Tower

Lace Black Dress | Eshakti
Jaden Cage Heels | Schutz (available here & here)
Cat Eye Sunglasses | Kate Spade

     I'm going to be honest. My recent hiatus from blogging wasn't exactly...voluntary.

     BUT it was exactly what I needed. I disconnected from social media for a year and reconnected with my life. I realized I was living life through a lens. I needed to rediscover what made me happy, and learn to enjoy it without the pressures of "getting the right shot." (like getting a dog named Chloe haha)

   After awhile, I realized blogging was a big part of my life for a reason. In the past few months, I've travelled to Paris. Bought my first designer bag. Ate a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower. Listened to live music on the streets of Saint Germain. Rowed a boat at Versailles Palace. So here I am with a new blog post to share these experiences. Consider it my comeback to the blogging world.

   I don't have my equipment anymore so I'm working on getting a new camera, lens, etc. so bear with me during the adjustment period! I'll work to be consistent again and hope you come along for the ride.

   Here's just the first of many posts about Paris. In my next post, I'll tell you a little bit about my recent trip to Paris and my fanatic yet unreasonable love for the city.
   Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

Let's stay in touch!
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