Thursday, July 28

Tulle Take 2 // Space 46

Pink Top | Old
Clip Dot Tulle Skirt | Space 46 Boutique
Ruby MC Mini | Strathberry

     Blogger has been a bit temperamental at my office so this is my first chance to write this post!

     I bought this skirt months ago during one of Space 46's sample sales. It is gorgeous and so well made. I thought purchased the polka dots would make this otherwise formal skirt a little more everyday appropriate. I loved twirling in this. I think I have this problem with every skirt I own but it's especially fun in tulle!

   This is from a few months back when we still had snow, and I'm posting it now because I'm trying to trick my mind into thinking it's a lot cooler than it really is aka 100 degrees! I keep staring at the snow in these photos thinking "It's chilly. I'm chilly. Brrrr." FYI, hasn't worked yet, but I'm not losing hope yet!

   Office appropriate
      (with a cardigan)
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

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