Tuesday, June 14

Flowy Mint Shirt Dress

Flowy Shirt Dress | Boutique in Shanghai
Silver Pumps | BCBG
Reflective Sunglasses| Hawkers

     I saw the weather was going to be windy, and normally I'd be very annoyed since my hair will cover my face like Samara from the Ring. But that day I spotted this old dress in the corner of my closet. Some days I feel like I have nothing to wear, and other days I feel like I'm shopping at a new store finding new pieces or finding exciting ways to rewear pieces.

     This is one of the outfits I completely forgot I had, but am in love with. But the past few years, I've been focused on work appropriate clothes since I work in a conservative corporate environment so this little mint gem completely slipped my mind!

   I'm so happy I found it again. It's a lot shorter than I remember, but I love the unique details of this dress. I've yet to encounter such a dress where I can tuck the flowy collar away to the side like a scarf piece! I really wish I could find more unique pieces without paying up the butt. Any ideas, guys?!

   Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

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