Tuesday, January 26

Storm Jonas: Wool Dress Over Maroon Tights

Pink Paisley Button down | Equipment
Navy Blue Wool Dress | Club Monaco
Maroon Tights | Japan
Pink Pointed Toe Flats | Jessica Simpson

     Please please please tell me there are Galavant fans out there. The Monty Python-esque show was laugh out loud funny this past Sunday. I laughed so hard that Chris complained he couldn't hear the TV over me XD

     Ok, enough about my super healthy binge watching habits. New Jersey was hit with Storm Jonas. It was so pretty! ...until I had to shovel/tunnel out of the house Sunday...just to get to my car! I am sore all over, even though I had proper "shoveling posture". So another one from the "backlog of outfits" vault!

     I'm guilty of this all the time: tights under dresses during the winter months. I have no idea why I think I'll be any warmer, but I do it, and then instantly regret it once I get outside, but can't go back inside to change or else I'll be late. Yah...but at least this dress is wool so it tends to keep me snug and warm. Yay!

   Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

Did you have to shovel for Storm Jonas?

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