Wednesday, December 16

Holiday Look: Black & White Houndstooth

Strapless Houndstooth Midi Dress | Boutique 1861
Ruby MC Mini | Strathberry
B&W Pumps | Schutz

     If you're still looking for the perfect dress for your holiday party or are into dresses that are a bit different from the crowd, then you should check out Boutique 1861. It's why I've bought more than I care to admit from them! Eek! :X

     Like this dress is sheer perfection. It's beautifully tailored, great hounds tooth print, and made with quality materials. I mean, hounds tooth is awesome. Why can't I ever find more of it in stores?? No, seriously, why??? It's black and white, but patterned so it's not boring. How do you not love it? 

     I digress... This dress gives me so much room to eat, drink, and breathe, which are essential to surviving the holiday season! :P  Plus, when I slipped it on, I just felt amazing despite the weight gain from this holiday season. (Don't get me started. I had my physical today, and the scale was scarier than the multiple needles poking into me).

     I really can't stop gushing over this dress though. It is one of my favorites right now. It is simple but never boring. Classic but not outdated. It is perfection known as Boutique 1861.

  Office appropriate (with a cardigan)
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

What are your holiday plans? Any parties? & can I join?!

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  1. Oh,you looks so good and my answer is YES! Crop for work is a good idea

  2. YES! This dress IS sheer perfection! It's beautiful!
    Sincerely, Sara

  3. You are looking absolutely great. It's wonderful dress. And I cannot stop to think how awesome that bag is. Have a great Holiday Weekend :)

    Alex - Funky Jungle


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