Tuesday, December 29

Best 2015 Outfits

My official first full year recap! Can you guess which outfits I'll include?!

Still one of my all time favorites 

This was so so so much fun! I may have looked crazy in suburbia NJ, but it was worth it!

I think my full midi skirt obsession on the blog started with this outfit haha
it was just so comfy and I never had to worry about my food pouch (aka stomach) popping out!

Pink on pink = can't go wrong!
Ironically, did not get to wear this on Wednesday...

My favorite dress from Eshakti (until recently...because I bought more haha)

I would never buy Reformation full price (can't justify the price tag for the materials), but I bought it thrifted online from ThredUp! I was my addiction for a good couple of weeks. I had to ween myself off from checking the site everyday...for my savings' safety haha
I know >.< I cheated. Please don't hate me. I just love these two too much!! And this was another purchase from ThredUp. Yah..I really wasn't kidding about the shopping addiction haha

Asos, you just get me.


I tried really really really hard to only pick one...and failed hahah so now you get to recap even more 

My favorite vintage dress. It was my mother's, and it was a side of her that I never saw. It wasn't until after her passing when I had to pack her clothes that I found such colorful, vibrant sundresses. She got so caught up in the day to day taking care of me and my dad that she forgone dressing up. I keep all of her summer dresses. I will give them a new lease on life, and try my best to keep wearing them even after kids. No putting off what I can do today til tomorrow. Enjoying today while I can.


One of my most popular outfits to date. Kinda crazy! To think, it started out with me just wanting to wear this dress to work without being cold!

Not really an outfit photo per se...more like an outfit photo version for a handbag...haha. Taking out my new favorite bag out for a spin!


I know I said it last year, but I am always grateful time and time again for those of you who come back every week. Your support is amazing, and I love learning more from you guys. Thanks for joining me as I traipse through this blogging world. It's a lot less lonely! I read all of your amazing and loving comments and although, I haven't been able to respond to them as much these days, I love reading them.
As always, I hope your year was filled with happiness, love, and laughter.
And may 2016 overflow with even more ❤️
Happy New Year, lovelies!

Let's stay in touch!
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  1. I love April, May , August. Gosh I love them all! Hey darling, how have you been? Happy Holidays to you, xo.

  2. Oh my goodness, you have the most gorgeous dresses and skirts! I started out with March as my favorite but quickly decided nope, I had at least 5 others... so, a good year all in all! haha

  3. Sunny these looks are ALL AMAZING!! You look fabulous! I honestly love all of them for different reasons. Your outfits are always so beautiful and cheery! :)

    Stopping by from the Pleated Poppy link-up!


  4. Love dresses and love skirts even more, and your are awesome! Love them all!


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