Tuesday, October 27

WIP: Shoulder Grazing Top & Pants

Off the Shoulder Dress | F21 (worn as top)
Grey Jeggings | H&M
Tan Booties | No Brand
Cashmere Scarf | Burberry

     I am my very own work in progress. I want to honestly be body positive so the first step is to put myself in situations I find uncomfortable. It's like the first time I put on makeup. It looked foreign to me. Unnatural almost. Most of all, I thought I looked hideous! I didn't touch makeup until years later. I eased in slowly with tinted lip balm then slowly transitioned to eye liner and finally, a little blush, bronzer, and a cat eye with some eye shadow.

     The point of the story is I need to slowly ease myself into the idea of pants. I'm not used to seeing myself in pants. And that's why I promised myself more pant-centric outfits.

     So here is my second official pant related outfit of the season! I paired tan booties (which I love) and a new off-the-shoulder dress from F21 that I'm using as a top. I topped it off with my Burberry cashmere scarf to keep warm since mornings are still quite brisk!

  Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

Are you body positive?

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