Tuesday, October 13

Lady in Red

     I am starting to get into the holiday spirit. No, not the Christmas holiday spirit (even though this outfit IS perfect for a warm winter night). I am starting to get excited for Halloween! I'm planning on making cookies, chocolates, and a few fun treats for my office. If I can, I'm going to make things in advance and take photos for you. Yayy!

     Now onto the outfit: this is my favorite skirt from my mother. It's something I would never reach for in the store, but looks perfect on me. Every time I put this skirt on, it feels like I'm shopping with my mom again. And like always, she picks out the perfect piece for me despite my initial apprehension.

     She is probably one of the main reasons I veer towards romantic, vintage styles. She was sensible, modest, yet fashionable. (I seriously need to upload vintage photos of her!)  Here's to an amazing woman, and her impeccable fashion sense.

  Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

Red Turtleneck | No label
Retro Skirt | Mom's
Beige Pea Coat | Tulle
Two-tone pumps | Schutz
(leopard version here)

Can I pull this outfit off for something Halloween related?

Let's stay in touch!
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  1. It looks great on you, what a smashing skirt! Your Halloween plans sound lovely, I look forward to seeing some pictures x

  2. Yay for Halloween! I like that this outfit is reminiscent of Halloween without being in your face Halloween-inspired. You look so chic, as always!

  3. I love your skirt! You look gorgeous! I am so ready for Halloween! We will have a fun and busy week!


  4. I love this outfit! Your mom picked a nice skirt! I really love your mom's style!

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  6. That is such a lovely outfit!! You're right, it would be perfect for a warm winter night! I'm such a fan of hand-me-downs from my mom that I can style to fit a modern look. This looks so elegant!
    Darling, Dearest


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