Tuesday, September 8

Fond of Florals

     A dress near and dear to my heart.

     A few years ago, my cousin and I were tasked with cleaning out the basement. We found boxes and boxes of clothing from when my family moved from Delaware. Never been opened since the 1980s. It was a glimpse into life in the 70s for my parents when they were new in this country.

     Among the bell bottoms, high cut heels, and power pant suits was this simple floral frock. Its bright colors shined brightly amongst the tans, browns, and dark reds. I snatched it out of the box and ran to my room. I slipped on this feathery light dress, and looked in the mirror. I fell in love.

     It might not be the most photogenic dress, nor the trendiest, but I treasure it more than my designer goods, because it's a constant reminder of my mother. Just as sunny and bright as she.

Office appropriate? ✓
After-work drinks fun? ✓
Dinner date good? 

Floral Midi Dress  | Mom's
Gold Heels | Charlotte Olympia
Gold Belt | Asos
Jewelry | Heirloom, Handmade
Me being silly. 

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  1. This dress is absolutely beautiful! I'm a sucker for a good floral and this is lovely! It looks so light and flowy! How cool that you found this dress hidden away in the basement! Talk about an amazing find!

  2. Such a pretty dress! I love the floral print!


  3. This dress is absolutely beautiful! You look gorgeous!
    Alexandra ~ ArtMandy.ro

  4. Wooow! Beautiful post my dear!!! My new post on the blog!!! http://blondelafemme.blogspot.ru/2015/09/international-directory-blogspot_9.html Thank you so much!!! )) Follow you )


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