Tuesday, September 23

Set fire to fall

Fall is upon us!

The first day of fall was celebrated with apple cider, various cinnamon dusted treats, and pumpkin everything...or at least it does when I don't have work. [ Don't worry, I have a pumpkin pie in the works for you ;) ]

The first signs of fall are everywhere.
Green leaves tie died yellow.
The streets littered with leaf-shaped confetti.
Pumpkin flavored lattes.

When I think of fall, I imagine the leaves on trees turning a burnt orange. A vibrant hue that surrounds us as it clutches to the last remains of summer foliage, and paints the sky. This dress epitomized that sentiment.

The French Connection maxi dress is lightweight, but has the length to shield me from fall's chilly breeze. On top of that (pun intended), I could throw a fuzzy cropped sweater over the dress for additional warmth; a style I will most likely post (abuse) in coming months.

To celebrate, I'm doing a linkup with the beautiful Brooke and Erica of Pumps and Pushups. (It goes live Wednesday at 6AM so remember to check back!) to showcase our favorite fall dresses.

The mama to-be, Brooke, is loving the gingham with her Asos skater dress. She just went on a shopping spree and bought this dress in 6 different colors! (at least she has an excuse for her shopping sprees *looks away guiltily*)

Her partner in crime: Erica, fur mama to Marley. Cardigans and maxi skirts are perfect for those early evenings, but still light and breathable for those sunny fall afternoons.

The enchanting Emily of Moonlight Chai.
She's rocking a cozy knit with a peep-toe black bootie, giving fall an edgy feel.

Rules for the link up
  • Follow my blog on bloglovin: Dear Sunny Vintage
  • Link back in your post. (fashion posts only, sorry!)
  • Easy peasy! I can't wait to see your posts :)

Join in on the link ups, and meet some new people!

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  1. Your dress is my favorite! It's perfection :) Awesome look


    1. Thank you! It's my favorite too!! I just need more places/excuses to wear it...

  2. This dress is gorgeous! The print is so fun and artsy!

    1. Thanks! That was exactly my thinking when I bought this dress a few years ago.

  3. What a beautiful dress and in such a gorgeous color! I'd love to see how you style it for cooler weather because I never know what to wear over my maxi dresses :P

    1. Thank you, and I agree! The colors are what caught my eye in the store :) I have a few different ways to wear maxi dresses depending on occasion. Maybe I'll make a post of different variations :X

  4. The colors in this dress are beautiful!! Stopping by from Shanna's link up :).

    1. Thank you! That's actually one of the main reasons I love this dress. Thanks for stopping by. It was lovely "meeting" you :)

  5. I really, really love that dress:) So glad I found you through Lucky!
    Daisy | Simplicity Relished

    1. Thank you!! I'm so glad I found you through Lucky as well! :)


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