Tuesday, May 10

70s Retro Denim Skirt Outfit

Lace Dress | Thrifted
Denim Skirt | Asos
Lucite Heels | L.A.M.B.
Cat Eye Sunglasses | Kate Spade

     I love thrifted clothing, but I am really loving this retro 70s vibe that recently cropped up in the fashion world.

     So I'm consciously pairing new items with thrifted items to create retro/vintage looks, and it's a bunch of fun. If you're just getting into thrifting, this is a great way to test the waters. Take an outfit you'd normally wear and replace one item with a thrifted item. It'll make thrifting fit into your wardrobe so much more easily!

    This outfit is a great example. I wore a whole new outfit, but switched a new tank in for a thrifted dress worn as a top, and voila! Spring friendly outfit! It's completely modern with a retro (thrifted) twist.

   Office appropriate
 ☑ After-work happy hour
 ☑ Dinner date

This would have made the perfect debut album cover to my Indie career in the early 90s.
Just need to learn how to sing on pitch, play the guitar, write music, oh and go back in time 20 years.
Try my trick at thrifting and tell me how it goes!

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  1. What a great look! That headshot totally does look like an album cover :) I think the buttons on the skirt and the studs on the top really tie the look together.

  2. How cute are you and this outfit! I love a good thrift run as well. Finding fabulous vintage pieces to mix with newer trendier pieces makes me feel like I've hit the fashion lottery! You have a great eye for style!


  3. What a fabulous skirt. It's such a fresh take on the average denim skirt. I would love you to pop by my blog and add a link if you get a chance http://sydneyfashionhunter.com/2016/05/custom-made-prada-pumps-fff33.html


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