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Reiss AW15 Press Day

After Life Lately, I met some amazing brands including Reiss, who invited me to attend their Press Day and preview their upcoming season. This was my first Press anything so I was more than a little nervous about what to wear, say, do, etc. I tried to do research, but unfortunately, there's not much on this topic, let alone from a small blogger's point of view. So I've decided in the next week or two to write a post detailing what to expect, what happens, what to wear, etc. If you have anything specific for me to address in the post, just comment below and I'll be sure to include it in the post!

I loved their jewelry. It consisted of some of the biggest trends hitting stores this year such as the stone inset bracelets reminiscent of Aimee Song's pyramid stone bracelets.

Onto my first Press Day. It was a bit odd looking at winter coats, sweaters, and gloves during one of the nicest summer days we've had. Sun scattered across showroom and warmed the top floor of the Bryant Park Hotel. With the whole floor rented out, they were able to display all three lines: 1971, womenswear, and menswear.

Born in London in 1971, Reiss made its first foray into fashion with fashionable yet functional menswear. Since then, Reiss creates luxury menswear, womenswear and accessories. Priding itself on delivering bold, original and stylish fashion, Reiss effortlessly fuses exceptional design, quality and value. It can count Kate Middleton as one of its loyal customers due to consistently delivering incomparable womenswear.

Since 2009, Reiss has curated 1971 as their younger, edgier sub-brand. It consists of more knits, vibrant colors, and various textures such as this combo. The leather hugs and keeps you warm while the printed dress keeps things light. I seriously can't wait to get my hands on this!

I loved the 1971 accessories. I imagined a noir film femme fatale tipping this wide brimmed hat over finger curls with the matching pinot noir leather gloves. Just loved how these accessories transported me to another time!

#blackandblue or #whiteandgold? :P
As the revival of the 70's has shown us, many designers are looking to the past for inspiration, and it's clearer than ever that Reiss has looked to the glamorous flapper girl for inspiration in rich hues.
The big bows on the shoulder straps for this vibrant orange dress were gorgeous. If I could, I would have snapped this up right then and there!
How darling are those peek-a-boo black heels??
A theme featured throughout Reiss's AW15 collection was this gold hardware on the heels of its shoes. It reminds me of Tibi's all gold heel from a few seasons back, which soon showed up in all the Zaras, H&Ms, and Forever 21s.
You know what that means: this trend's going to be everywhere in a few months!
Last but not least, I had to take a photo of Reiss menswear accessories. The hats are my special favorite. They are a collaboration between the famous Christy's over in the UK and Reiss. The wide brimmed hats are "travelling hats" meaning they are the only hats you can squish, flatten, or pack in your suitcase that will retain its shape when you take it out again! It may be part of the men's collection, but I know for a fact I'm getting one!

What would you buy from the collection?

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