Sunday, May 10

Dear Sunny: Happy Mother's Day

     The unsung heroes of our lives. The most passionate fan you'll ever have, who will support you as you chase your dreams. The only supporter you'll have right from the get go despite not accomplishing anything. The only person to put you before herself, and sees no limit to the sacrifice she is willing to make for you. Our mothers are the unsung heroes who we so often forget until days like these come up. Until we're so afraid of finding out tests results that could change our lives. Until we need a shoulder to cry on when one of our lifelong dreams comes to a crashing halt. Until we try to recreate our favorite childhood dish and need her to spill that special secret ingredient. Until we're swamped in wedding preparations and don't know where to find that 'something old.' Until we've become mothers ourselves do we realize how much love they had for us.

Make sure the most important woman in your life knows you love her.
To the moon and back.

❤ Happy Mother's Day ❤

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