Tuesday, December 30

Black Tie NYE Outfit

Dress / Old prom dress
Heels / Schutz

This is actually an old prom dress. Well, not my prom dress. Because I didn't go.

It was someone's old prom dress given to me. Family friends assumed I would go to prom, but I chose not to in the end. I didn't see the reason to pay so much money, and stress so much over a simple dinner. I still remember friends complaining or getting hurt over being excluded from a certain table or being kicked out of a limo. It sounded like they were paying someone to stress them out!

So I decided to stay at home, and enjoyed a relaxing evening with family. I did go down the shore over the weekend to spend time with friends (and go paintballing!), but that was the extent of my "high school prom" experience.

Even though I didn't go to prom, I still love this velvety dress. The luxurious feel of velvet just instantly says glamorous to me. It's not an everyday fabric, and I love it for that. The beaded fringe at the waist adds to the glamour of such a simple dress. If my office party hadn't been cancelled, this dress would have been a big contender. I'm not too heartbroken about it though, because now I have the chance to wear this out for NYE :)

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  1. Love that long dress! Didn't expect it to be velvet though, but still so chic and sophisticated :)


  2. Love that long black gown on you. The velvet and little beading detail are so pretty. I am doing a black outfit for NY Eve also. Later on the blog, today.

    Happy 2015 Yvonne!

    1. Happy 2015 Ada!! Hope it's treating you well :)

  3. Wowza!! Seriously gorgeous! You and the dress!! The velvet makes it look even more luxurious!
    Sincerely, Sara

  4. What a beautiful and chic look, Yvonne! Love the fringe detail. It's amazing how well this dress fits you. ~Cynthia

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! That's actually a big factor in why I love it: the amazing fit.


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