Wednesday, March 7

dear sunny (&potential future readers!)

It’s my first post, and I’m not quite sure how to start it. Should I do a brief introduction or an in-depth explanation of my reason for starting this blog? Do I start with outfit posts from the get go or ease myself into the virtual fashion blog world? Oh dear, I do believe I’m at a crossroads. And this little rant is actually a carefully thought out and edited version of myself in person.

I suppose the polite thing to do is to first introduce myself. My name is Yvonne; how do you do? Why am I starting this blog you ask? Well, it’s a good outlet for all that was left unsaid throughout the day at the end of the day. Also I may emotionally dump on you sometimes, so please forgive me in advance. It’s been a pleasure meeting you! I do hope we get to know each other better as time goes on (:

Yours Truly,

P.s. Sounds a bit like a personal ad, doesn’t it? Better or worse than that guy who sings at a karaoke bar about his personal details? (( link )) Sigh, I promise I will improve as time passes. Promise ;)

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